Kings County kids weigh in on how Mrs. Claus helps Santa

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Mrs. Foley’s and Mrs. Wiseman’s Primary students at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Aylesford shared their thoughts on how Mrs. Claus helps Santa. – John DeCoste,

It’s said that behind every successful man, there’s a woman, and it’s likely no different with Santa Claus.

But what does Mrs. Claus do to help Santa? According to five-year-old Alexandria Carey, Mrs. Claus is a busy woman.

“She cleans Santa’s clothes for him. She helps fix the sleigh if it’s broken. If his suit has a hole in it, she could make him another one. She makes him something to eat for when he gets home, and carrots for the reindeer.”

For answers to the question, the Kings County Advertiser and Register went to the experts – Mrs. Foley’s and Mrs. Wiseman’s Primary students at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Aylesford. Here are their answers:

Kristen Wheeler, age five

“She bakes food for him, makes toys and mends his suit.”

Hayden Buchanan, age five

“She makes him cookies, and helps the elves make presents.”

Kaden Joudrey, age five

“She helps him check the good list and the naughty list, and helps him make presents.”

Dirk Gates, age five

“She cooks food for him. The elves like sugar; maybe Santa likes sugar, too. She also helps Santa pack his sack.”

Hailey Savage, age four

“She makes him food like cookies. She helps him with his sleigh and the reindeer, and feeds the reindeer.”

Jaxxin MacDonald, age five

“She makes Santa cookies.”

Brody Carter, age five

“She sings Christmas songs for Santa.”

Cameron Morton, age four

“She helps make sure the elves are working hard, and makes sure all the children are good. She helps Santa get the reindeer ready for the sleigh.”

Ava Webster, age five

“She makes toys - she likes to make teddy bears – and gets them ready for the sleigh.”

Donald Ellingwood, age five

“She helps feed the reindeer healthy food and helps with the presents.”

Lily Burton, aged five

“She helps him with the presents. She feeds the reindeer; they like oats. She makes sure the elves are busy wrapping the presents.”

Colin Drew, age five

“She helps make food for him – potatoes, corn and rice. She gives the reindeer food.”

Cohen Keddy, age five

“She helps him make presents, like trains and cars. She makes him food, like strawberry muffins. She helps feed the reindeer.”

Jason Burns-Robicheau, age five-and-a-half

“She makes presents to help the elves. The elves make snowmen, big and small. She helps him load his sack of presents.”

Josh Boudreau, age five

“She helps him put presents out for everybody. She helps the elves at play, and helps pick out special presents.”

Keagan Bennett, age five

“She helps Santa make presents. She makes food for Santa and the elves, like chocolate chip cookies.”

Parker Drew, age five

“She helps make presents, like toy dump trucks. She helps make shoes for the reindeer.  She helps Santa put on his suit, and helps pick out the presents. People who are bad won’t get presents. She puts him to bed when he gets home.”

Sydney Bartels, age five

“She helps do the presents. She makes cookies, like chocolate chip, with muffins and milk – and carrots for the reindeer.”

Meadow Armstrong, age five

“She helps him make toys, like a doll with a bunk bed. It’s a hard job. She makes new clothes for him.”

Ethan Clark, age five

“She helps make the toys. She helps Santa wrap presents, and fixes holes in his suit.”

Geographic location: Kings, Aylesford

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