Hantsport setting aside cash to better promote Haven of Hospitality

Ashley Thompson
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Hantsport’s town council is open to setting some cash aside for promotional purposes in light of the ongoing dissolution process.

Coun. Margot Bureaux pitched the idea in reading a prepared statement at a recent committee of the whole meeting.

“The dissolution decision was made with a somewhat defeated attitude,”

she said.

Bureauxwas one of six council members to support the motion to the dissolve the town. Coun. Faye Hill was the lone member to oppose the dissolution motion tabled during a special council meeting in April.

The Think Hantsport citizen group was formed shortly after the dissolution vote with the focus of exploring alternative solutions to the town’s mounting economic pressures.

“I can’t tell you how joyful and reassured I have become with how the community has been rallying against the challenges we, as a whole, are facing,” she said, listing Think Hantsport and the volunteer-led committees formed to save the public pool and library as examples of citizens taking action.

In reflecting on the successful citizen movements, Bureaux said she now feels there may be alternative paths forward council may not have been aware of in April.

“I am pleased to see the movement that is challenging us and opening my mind, at least, to the possibility that there is something worth fighting for,” she said.

She urged her colleagues to embrace Think Hantsport, and consider partnering with the “progressive” group in the future to showcase the passion, beauty, quality of life and possibilities within Hantsport.

“I believe we need to show our residents and neighbours that we are doing all we can and that if dissolution does come about, that it was the only option left to us,” she said.

Bureaux suggested council make room in the recently approved budget for up to $5,000 for promotional use to showcase the town at such events as the regional Sip.Chat.Connect networking session that will be held in Windsor in the fall.

She added that Think Hantsport pitched the idea of producing a promotional video about the Haven of Hospitality.

“Anyone who comes to Hantsport just loves it,” said Bureaux.

Deputy Mayor Harold Bulger put forth a motion calling on the committee to recommend that council include up to $5,000 for promotional purposes in the current budget. The motion passed by a vote of 6-1, with Coun. Rob Frederick opposing.


Organizations: Town of Hantsport

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Recent comments

  • hantsport
    June 29, 2014 - 22:07

    Marsha, Your story should be one that is hung in every store window. Some folks including the mayor and council are ready to give up without fighting. Thankfully there are folks who want to fight. Nothing wrong with a little work.

  • Andrew S.
    June 29, 2014 - 21:06

    I agree with Harry Hantsport that Hantsport's best option is to be the best bedroom community for HRM it can be. And that it needs to be promoted outside of the immediate area. That is why we moved here when we relocated back from Alberta a couple of years ago. Does Hantsport have to be a town to be a great community? Not really. But having a school, a pool, dog park, library, and the good stuff HMCC provides is vital. But, Hantsport would\could have most of that whether it is a town or not. To me, personally, the lesson from Think Hantsport is that whether the community is organized as a town, village, or part of a larger county is irrelevant. People taking action to get things done that they care about is more important. I grew up in Falmouth and worked at CKF for a couple of years. I am familiar with the reputation Hantsport has for being "closed". Sure, there are some snooty old farts around (there are in every community), but we have found most people to be very welcoming. They are not going to throw you a party for buying a house, but most are happy to see new families moving to the area.

  • Harry Hantsport
    June 28, 2014 - 10:44

    Too little, too late if you ask me. There have been many in town who have been pleading for years to market Hantsport as a viable alternative to young professional families in HRM, who want a different lifestyle and don't want to spend $500,000 for a home in Bedford. With the highway twinned almost the entire way to our region, a 45 minute commute to Burnside, slightly more downtown, 1 hour to the airport, this little town is a viable alternative for many...if they knew we existed. To do it now, with Hantsport in the provincial media being "advertised" as a town in decline, and to only set aside $5,000...doesn't sound like this council is serious about it. And why waste efforts at an event in Windsor?! You're missing the point, this town needs to be sold to people outside the region. And most importantly, the town needs to get over itself and stop living in the past. Ms. Bureaux's assertion that "anyone who comes to Hantsport loves it" is not true. For those of us that "come from away" Hantsport is a very closed social community and if you didn't grow up here and can't participate in discussions about how wonderful the town used to be, there's not much place for you.

    • Marsha Sefcik
      June 28, 2014 - 17:53

      I have to disagree with your comment stating that hantsport is a "closed community". We just moved here three months ago and have been overwhelmed by the friendly town. We have felt very welcomed here. Everyone that we have crossed paths with has been very friendly and talkative. It is never to late to fight for this town. We moved here for the exact reasons you stated- a rural community lifestyle with an easy commute to Dartmouth. Everyone who has visited us has loved it and we even have some friends considering moving here. I know we are just one family and our story is just one story but this is a family town and people are out and about all if the time and people are interacting with each other and nobody cares if you were born here or not. We came from a community that was like that.