Roseway Manor on provincial list for replacement

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38 year old facility no longer meets needs of residents

Roseway Manor is slated to be replaced by a new facility.

By Amy Woolvett

Roseway Manor, a 66-bed facility in Shelburne is slated to be replaced as a part of the province’s need analysis under its continuing care strategy.

A promise was first made while the NDP were in power that the Manor would be replaced with a new facility of the same size.

While the current Liberal government has not established an agreement, it says the project is on their list to be budgeted for 2015.

“We are paying attention,” said MLA Sterling Belliveau for Queens-Shelburne.  “They say it should be in next year’s budget.”

The facility was one of 11 in the province to be highlighted as needing replacement.

Sharon Callan, administrator for the manor said they were told not to look for land quite yet, but the plan was to have the new facility built within three years.

Roseway Manor is 38 years old, not old by building’s standards, but according to local officials is not meeting the needs of the residents.

“It’s about the quality of life for residents,” said Callan.

She explained that as it stands as many as four people might share access to a bathroom with some sharing of rooms as well.

“That is not a standard of care anyone would want,” said Callan.

She said it is the goal for the new building to have private rooms and each resident to have their own bathroom.

“It’s not like the building is crumbling,” she said.  “There is just not enough space for the residents.”

Roseway was higher up on the list of buildings to be replaced, said Callan.

“We were chosen in this second round,” she said.  “We were at the point of how much do we put in the old before we get the new.”

She said they hope to keep the facility as close to Shelburne as possible to make the move easier for residents and their families.

She said when the time comes; they will search out a private buyer for the old facility.

“It would be a great space to create assisted living apartments,” she said as potential future use.

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