Belliveau: Don’t turn Tin Mine Road back to gravel

Greg Bennett
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Queen-Shelburne MLA Sterling Belliveau.

By Greg Bennett

Queens-Shelburne MLA Sterling Belliveau says a decision to tear up the asphalt and turn parts of Highway 203 between Kemptville to Shelburne back into gravel road is “a backward step.”

Belliveau says he had been informed previously that sections of the road would either be chip sealed or paved. Yesterday he was informed that the province intends on tearing out the pavement completely.

“It concerns me the Liberal government is trying to save money on the backs of rural communities,” said Belliveau.  “In the last few years about 18 kilometres of Hwy 203 have been repaved but I guess the Liberals aren’t interested in finishing the job.”

Large sections of the upper reaches of the road, known locally as the Tin Mine Road, are barely passable by car and there are large ruts and chunks of pavement for drivers to negotiate.

While admitting that the highway is in desperate need of attention, Belliveau said chip seal would be a much better, albeit more expensive alternative.

 “Anyone who lives on gravel roads knows that this is the wrong decision,” noted Belliveau. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”


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Recent comments

  • TRGO
    March 16, 2014 - 11:59

    Roads such as Hwy 203, are very poorly suited to repaving. These old roads have inadequate base material, and any asphalt topical repair will not be a lasting fix. The base material is mostly clay, and with freezing, and thawing, over several seasons, any type of asphalt material repair will quickly fail. While a gravel surface is certainly not the most desirable solution to the problem, it is really the best solution under the circumstances. The proper solution, is to rip up, and replace the roadway base, and then place a new, two layer, hot mix asphalt surface. LOTS of Loonies for that, and certainly not economically feasible for such a low traffic count roadway.

  • Phillip Buchanan
    March 15, 2014 - 07:04

    If the tin mine road was build proper in the first place it would not be like it is . They had the best of material at their disposal but was in to much of a hurry to get it built.. just saying .

  • Mary Hanf
    March 14, 2014 - 17:05

    I travel the Tin Mine road regularly. I am the Manager of Tim Hortons in Shelburne, and my home is in North Kemptville. Tearing up the pave and turning it back to a dirt road will make it much harder for me to get to work. It is extremely rough in sections now, especially about a 1-2 mile stretch from the Tin Mine going towards Shelburne, and I straddle the yellow line to get through, but it it passable. If it is turned back to a dirt road, this time of year the road will be impassable all together, and if I have to back track and take the 103, it will take me twice as long and twice as much gas and money to get to work. I know there isn't much traffic on this road, but I think if it was repaved alot more people would use it. It cuts off alot of mileage for anyone that lives in the Carleton, Kemptville area, that needs to take the South Shore Route for any reason. The road needs to be repaved, if only in certain sections!!!!! It seems like this end of the province doesn't exist, when anything needs repairs or help. People do live here!!!!!!!

  • Anne Spinney
    March 14, 2014 - 09:34

    I live in Kempt and use The Tin Mine often through to Shelburne paving the road is the only option for that piece of road ,if you just tear up the road ,and make it a gravel road ,it would be a terrible mess ,impassable in spring ,with frost ,muck and ruts up to the running boards .We deal with that on the Canaan Road now ,with that road always needing repair due to pot holes ruining our vehicles . getting work done on that road when needed is like pulling hens teeth ,I can only imagine how long we would wait for them to come to grade the Tin Mine Road . Fix that road up to standard ,we are paying taxes too ,we want roads in our area fixed .NO BANDAIDS !!

    • RuralNS
      March 14, 2014 - 13:45

      This Liberal plan is to let Rural NS die. Fix the road right because gravel is going to make it dangerous. They never told us in the election their plan was to turn rural NS roads into gravel. I would never have voted for them if they told us their actual plan.