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By Jonathan Riley DIGBY COURIER

We have found a way to get the news to you even faster.

The Courier has installed a sidebar on the right-hand side of the webpage called Tweets by @DigbyNews.

This sidebar displays tweets from the Digby Courier staff –tweets are a sort of instant news message.

Using our smartphones, Courier reporters can send these messages whenever something is a happening around Digby County. The messages, sent on a platform called Twitter, can also include photos or links to more information.

When the lobster pound in Belliveau’s Cove caught fire, we started our reporting with the following tweet:

A lobster pound in Belliveau's Cove is on fire. Several fire departments on the scene. Karla Kelly is on her way to get photos and a report

As the photos came in, we tweeted them out and as soon as we had a traditional article written and published online, we sent out the link to article with a tweet.

We use the Facebook group as well, but Twitter will always be faster and will always be the first place we post.

We use Twitter for less dramatic stuff too. Generally, when we’re on the way to do a story, get an interview or ask some questions, we’ll let you know what we’re working on via Twitter.

Just about every Monday, we cover either the town or the municipality’s council meetings with Twitter.

Even if you don’t follow along Monday night as it’s happening, Tuesday morning, you should be able to go to and get some idea of what council was talking about.

The tweets don’t always give you all the details but they do give you enough information to at least ask your councillors (or me) about those details.

I’d especially find it helpful, if people read the tweets from council and then let me know what parts of the council meeting they want more reporting on.

We also cover sporting events, like high school hockey or soccer or the World Junior A Challenge with Tweets.

In fact, whatever’s going on, it will most likely appear in the tweet column before it appears as a real story.

If you’re wondering what’s going on, check out our Twitter feed on

Geographic location: Digby County

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