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  • Lesley
    December 11, 2013 - 18:12

    And the county wonders why we feel we need a route in Nictaux also. I see county is proceeding with sewer in Bear River..isn't that Digby municipality? We have our laterals in, but no dates for sewer in our area, nor transit. It's time county let some people go and concentrate on what the county needs..you know, priorities. Adequate policing is a priority, sewage disposal is a priority, public transit is a priority. Crime is up, the number of police is down. Does that make sense to you? BTW, a cell phone is a luxury not a priority. If your rent is taken out of your social assistance, why would the landlord be considering removing ms. Hazelton? Public housing will take their percentage too but it's a better place for you. How did you ever get a plan like that on a cell phone with obviously poor credit and excess bills?