Back to school: Word games to play on the commute to school

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By Jessica Padykula,


You may think that playing games such as "I Spy" with your children is just for fun. There's no doubt games of any kind are enjoyable for both parents and kids, but they offer more benefits than family bonding or a way to beat boredom. Simple word and verbal games are also great learning tools for kids of all ages.


Packing a suitcase

One person starts by saying, "I'm packing a suitcase and I'm taking a toothbrush." The next person has to say "toothbrush" and add another item. The game goes back and forth until someone forgets. This helps boost memory skills. 


I spy with my little eye

This classic games fosters good attention to detail and mental alertness.


Alphabet game

"A" my name is Alice is a fun way to make a long car ride go faster. Each person takes turns putting names and places to the letters of the alphabet, for example, A my name is Alice and my husband's name is Andy and we're from Alabama and we sell Apples.

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