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The crew of the Dimestore Fishermen rates each experience on the road, a practice they upheld after filming in Queens Co. from late July to Aug. 3.

Producer and Co-Host, Jim Hoey said Queens Co. received their highest ranking. He also wishes to put this in perspective. “We’ve been making our show for 11 years. This is our 168th attendance in Canada and every May through Oct. we cover most provinces and at least every other year the territories. “Only nine shows have ranked a one and this is the 10th. This is a very storied, historical area of Nova Scotia and Canada so we were able to achieve a lot.”

He described their coverage of the area’s history and culture, the fishing of course, recreation and other aspects of life in Queens Co. as “remarkable to experience.”

And, in addition to the other volunteers and Region of Queens officials, he wants to point out one person who traveled with them, hosted them, and helped with nearly every aspect of the filming as a volunteer. “The person who really made this possible was Chris Currie (co-owner of The Left Bank Bed and Breakfast in Milton). He volunteered his time and basically liaisoned for us the entire time we were here and was always mindful where we were and where we could be next. He was an incredible ambassador for this community.”

As a result, he said they captured their above-mentioned goals on film and, as sometimes happens, don’t need to return for filming purposes for the upcoming episodes that will air on various channels in the fall. He promised to let Queens Co. residents know in advance when the episodes will air.

He added a show like this requires balancing “Mother Nature” and their goals.

He said the fishing was “very, very good” as well, thanks to Queens Co. guides, Denis Lavender, Gail Lavender and Ken Minard for the small mouth bass portion of the show. “It was very clear from the outset they knew exactly what they were doing. You make friends for life when you’re doing what we’re doing, and this is no exception.”

For shark fishing, he said Myles Winters and Peter Cook not only arranged for the expeditions but also entertained a camera crew on the ocean off Brooklyn Marina. “It was a tremendous effort.”

Hoey personally caught a 12-foot, 350 plus pound blue shark. “It was the first time targeting a real predator. I can see why they’re hooked on it and why tournaments are held up and down the east coast of Nova Scotia. It’s fantastic.”

He said he was impressed by the conservation efforts of the Queens Co. residents. In many locations, he said guides handle the fish quickly without a lot of care. The show promotes catch and release fishing.

Hoey said, “You’re always contemplative of handling the fish, giving proper consideration to all the factors involved in whether they swim away healthy and alive. These guides demonstrated that, which was pretty cool. They’re truly not just fishermen, but conservation-minded fishermen as well.”

Hoey said he loves his job because, in part, it is a uniquely Canadian show. “I’m very lucky. There’s not a single day I take for granted because I love to fish, I love the outdoors and I love Canada and its people.”

He said he wants to utilize through various types of media and the opportunity of producing such a show to do his small part in creating a “more federal Canadian identity of our country. “We understand all the provincial challenges we face but I have a definite desire to contribute to Canada and make people aware we’re a country and how diverse we are and how special we are. That’s something really in my blood now.”

He says many of the issues are varied but, at the same time, share a bond as Canadian issues.

He said he owes this new perspective to his job as someone who travels extensively around the country. “When I was young, it was just let’s go and catch some fish.” Now, he says, “I think people know we care.”

He said he wants to focus on grassroots media like community newspapers to keep in contact and provide updates about communities they visit in addition to sharing their experiences around the country. This will be rolled out in the near future with the centre being www.dimestorefishermen.com. The web site also lists the numerous television channels the show appears on.

Organizations: Queens Co., The Left Bank Bed

Geographic location: Canada, Nova Scotia, Milton

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