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There were 129 reports made to RCMP in Kings County between July 20 and July 23.

Someone reported seeing strangers in an old church at Scott's Bay July 20.

Some equipment was reported stolen from a construction site in Morristown.

A windshield was smashed on a vehicle parked on Gaspereau Ave. in Wolfville.

Two reports came in about neighbours having a dispute in Auburn. A Kingston resident reported a theft from a vehicle. An elderly man was found to be confused in Wolfville.

Three children were riding ATVs on a road in East Dalhousie at 9 p.m.

A vandal keyed a car in Centreville. A window at Wolfville School was broken.

A man in his eighties walking from Grand-Pre to Wolfville prompted a call of concern. A Greenwood residence was broken into.

Staff at a business in Kingston reported a man making threats. On arrival he told police there were too many vampires in the store.

On July 21 the theft of power tools took place from a garage on Prospect St. in New Minas.

Vandals relocated some solar lights in Hants Border, but they were discovered.

One youth was located and several others are sought after the discovery of graffiti at the gazebo in Canning.

A woodsplitter was stolen from an unlocked building in Kingston. There was some property damage in Greenwood.

A man caused a disturbance at the business in north Kentville.

An on-going noise problem was reported at 2 p.m. in New Minas.

There were two reports of tired drivers who appeared to be impaired then a female driver fell asleep at the wheel outside Canning and hit a guardrail.

There was a theft from an unlocked vehicle in Greenwood.

A driver took $10 worth of gas in Greenwood without paying. A shoplifter was stopped in Kingston.

Two 12-year-olds got into a scrap in north Kentville. One threatened the other with a knife about 7:41 p.m.

A woman, who had been drinking, was arrested after causing a disturbance at a New Minas bar.

A Greenwood resident reported noise and loud cars coming from a commercial parking lot about 9:30 p.m.

Early on July 22 a drunk was arrested in Wolfville and placed in a cell. Shortly afterward a prowler was reported near a tent on Gaspereau Ave. A parent called concerned for children sleeping in the tent.

At 12:50 a.m. there was a complaint of noise coming from the small park opposite St. John's Church on Church St., Port Williams. Overnight someone took two sawhorses from the end of a driveway in the village.

An ATV was stolen from Tupper Lake and a lawn mower was stolen from Prospect St. in Wolfville.

Police were called when a female youth caused a disturbance in north Kentville. A youth was caught shoplifting in New Minas.

A toolbox was stolen from a vehicle parked at a residence in Aylesford.

A thief grabbed money out of cashbox at a business in Cambridge.

A garage in South Alton was broken into and equipment stolen.

There was a complaint at 6 p.m. about a youth on an ATV at Chipman Brook.

A driver screeching tires was reported from Mee Rd. in north Kentville about 9:20 p.m.

An unwanted man, who had been drinking, was arrested at a home in New Minas.

Kentville police arrested a driver after a crash on Belcher St. at 11 p.m.

Early on July 23 there was a complaint of loud neighbours in north Kentville. A vehicle was reported stolen in Wolfville, but it had been towed off private property.

There were two sudden deaths. Three domestic incidents occurred and four family relations cases were reported. Some neighbours got into a dispute over a kitten.

There were collisions on Highway 101 near Wolfville involving one vehicle, in Canard and near the Big Stop in New Minas.

There were four false business alarms, three false residential alarms, one false school alarm and seven false 911 calls to which police responded.

Note: Community policing officer Blair McMurtery and seniors’ safety coordinator Michelle Parker will be in the Harbourville Community Centre Thursday, Aug. 6 to meet with area residents. The coffee party will run from 1-4 p.m.

McMurtery says the sessions, held so far in Scott's Bay, White Rock and Lakeville, have been extremely positive with lots of residents coming out to ask a wide variety of questions. "They've been really good exchanges," he noted and more will be arranged in the coming months.

Organizations: RCMP, Wolfville School, St. John's Church Harbourville Community Centre

Geographic location: Wolfville, New Minas, Greenwood Kingston Kentville Kings Morristown Canning Gaspereau Auburn East Dalhousie Centreville Port Williams Tupper Lake Aylesford Cambridge South Alton Mee Canard White Rock

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