Lieutenant-Governor’s Medals for Tri-County schools

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Published on June 05, 2014

Morgan Emily Dunn of Digby Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Drake Glenning Griegoschewski of Digby Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Jessica Lynn Balser of Island Consolidated School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Gabrielle Marie Barr of St Mary’s Bay Academy.

Published on June 05, 2014

Waylon Matthew Robicheau of St. Mary’s Bay Academy.

Published on June 05, 2014

Keisha Paige Lent of Barrington Municipal High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Drew Thomas McCarthy of Barrington Municipal High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Julian d’Entremont of Drumlin Heights Consolidated School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Emily Goodwin of Drumlin Heights Consolidated School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Brianna Hupman of Lockeport Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Miles Redgate of Lockeport Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Ethan Nickerson of Shelburne Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Amie Riley of Shelburne Regional High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Morgan Allen of Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Sam Turpin of Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School.

Published on June 05, 2014

Carter Hazel, Adam Peck and Noah Theriault performed one of the musical interludes during the award ceremony at DRHS on Thursday, June 5.

The Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, J.J. Grant, presented Lieutenant-Governor’s medals in Digby on Thursday, June 5, to 15 Grade 11 students from within the eight Tri-County Regional high schools.

The medals are awarded to one boy and one girl in each school who has commendable performance in the courses in which they are enrolled and who has demonstrated qualities of leadership and service in the school and community.


Keisha Paige Lent

Keisha is a prime example of what it means to be a great citizen and leader at Barrington Municipal High School.

As a part of her high school experience, Keisha has spent valuable time participating in the Nova Scotia Secondary Student Association and the many leadership conferences that Association has organized. She has taken these leadership skills that she has learned from the NSSSA and used them in a number of capacities which include her volunteer time with the Nova Scotia International Student Program as an ambassador to international students and within the local community helping the elderly at Bayside Nursing Home.

Fortunately for our school, Keisha’s leadership does not end there. She is an active member and a respected voice with the basketball team, the badminton team, the track and field team, and the BMHS girls running club.

Keisha manages to do all of these things while maintaining perfect attendance from grades 7-11, earning a grade average over 90 percent, while she also works at a local eatery in Barrington.

In recognition of her selflessness, her hard work and her dedication, we congratulate Keisha as a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal.

Drew Thomas McCarthy

Drew has been a stalwart of citizenship and activism throughout his junior high school and high school career at Barrington Municipal High School.

Drew has consistently been a giver to his school community and the local community. Some of his recent volunteer involvement includes volunteering as a kayaking coach, participating as an usher in the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee and other various events as a member of Scouts Canada, volunteering with the Cape Sable Historical Society, being the Vice President of Student Council, being a member of the special events committee, the “Green Team” Environment Committee, the “Goodfellas” boys group, the School Advisory Council, the Remembrance Day Committee, the Healthy Promoting School Committee, the Catapult Leadership Society and the Nova Scotia Secondary School Association.

Drew’s volunteerism is not just for our own school and community as Drew also took part in the Me to We trip to Ghana this year where he and a number of other students assisted in building a school for children less fortunate than himself.

While it may seem that Drew is receiving an award this afternoon, it is really Barrington Municipal High School and our community that have been receiving the award of Drew’s generosity and selflessness for so long. Congratulations Drew and thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.


Morgan Emily Dunn

Morgan has a very impressive profile which includes involvement in numerous events and organizations within the school and community.

Morgan has been part of the Me to We group this past year where a group of students from the Tri-County School Board attended We Day events and went to Ghana to help build a school. Being part of this group requires extensive fundraising and training. This summer, Morgan will attend the Take Action Camp in Ontario where she will learn additional leadership skills. Next year, she will be off to Ecuador to help build another school.

In addition to these activities, Morgan has been involved in a breakfast program, 30-hour Famine, Hungry for Education, School Advisory Committee, volunteering in the school and attended various leadership camps.

Within the community, she is the song leader for Kids 4 Christ, attends a weekly youth group, is a junior church leader and in the summer, is responsible for a group of young people as a camp counsellor at the Johnston Christian Park.

In addition to this very busy schedule, Morgan has had to overcome a learning disability and maintain very good academic marks in school.

Morgan is a role model for student leadership, community involvement and determination: DRHS is very proud.

Drake Glenning Griegoschewski

Drake was an obvious choice for this year’s Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal at DRHS.

He has been involved in numerous leadership camps these past few years and took on a leadership role as a skill builder for a couple of them, which involved public speaking, teaching new skills and team work.

He is a member of the South West cabinet as a “Warm Fuzzy”, which is a popular icebreaker activity at NSSSA leadership camps.

Drake has put these leadership skills to good use as he is member of the student council, member of the Me to We group at DRHS and fundraises for the Hungry for Education Program.

Drake has volunteered for a breakfast program, 30-hour Famine, Relay for Life, the Annapolis Farm Market, Kings Theatre, DRHS AV club, DJ for dances as well as numerous other organizations.

Drake has been described as reliable, determined and a great contributor in school and community life while maintaining very good grades.

Everyone at DRHS is proud of you Drake.


Emily Goodwin

Emilyhas been anhonours student since she first entered junior high and is a most deserving recipient of the 2014 Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal.

Emily is always enthusiastic, smiling and genuinely interested in helping others, both at school and in her community.

She serves as an excellent ambassador and role model in the International Student Club. Her leadership qualities extend in her community, where she shares her love of dancing by volunteering as a dance teacher. She devotes her time and shares her caring ways as camp counsellor, helps in various church activities and inspires others in her role as co-leader in the local “Faith-in-Action” group.

It is of no surprise that her passion in helping others may one day lead to a very rewarding career in special education. Our students could only be so lucky.

Julian d’Entremont

Julian is an outstanding individual who successfully balances academics, extracurricular activities and a life outside of school.

Julian has been a perennial honours student and is a most deserving recipient of the 2014 Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal. He consistently lends his extraordinary interpersonal skills to help his school community through his involvement in student council for the past three years.

He is a key member of our Teen Health Center Steering Committee and his enthusiasm and good-nature is always well received by the International Student Club.

A self-professed (and self-taught) avid musician, he is always the headliner at our open mic,  and has brought several SARMU audiences to their feet with his inspiring guitar performances. His future plans include attending Dalhousie University in the hopes of pursuing a career in medicine.


Jessica Lynn Balser

Jessica has been actively involved in her school community since entering Grade Primary.

As an elementary student she took part in after school activities and was always ready to volunteer in class and when necessary in the school. As she entered junior high, she became involved in Students’ Council and organized sports. She has taken part in Relay for Life, 30 Hour Famine, Oasis (youth group) as well as being a volunteer with many school functions.

As a grade 10 student, Jessica received the School Spirit and Student of the Year Awards. This year she is the president of the ICS student council and is able to lead the group in meetings and activities very effectively. This March, she was part of the Me to We trip to Ghana.

Jessica is a conscientious student wanting to do well in her academic studies. She challenges herself and works hard to obtain good marks. She possesses an excellent work ethic.

Jessica has a very caring heart. She encourages, is considerate of and respects everyone. Her warm and sunny disposition lights up the room. 


Brianna Hupman

Brianna has always maintained a high academic standing while balancing extra curricular activities and community volunteer work in her life.  She has been a member of the Greenwave Honours Club since entering Lockeport Regional High School.

Brianna has been involved in many clubs and activities during her years at LRHS.  She has been very active in soccer, badminton, track and field, cross country, and softball as well as an active member of the Student Parliament and has been Editor of the yearbook for the past three years.

Brianna took on the added responsibility of working the main score clock for the majority of all  home basketball games at LRHS.  She participates in the Anti-bullying Day, Earth Day and Terry Fox Run.

Brianna is very active in community events as well.  She spends time at Surf Lodge (a local Nursing Home) where she provides entertainment to the residents. She also tutors students at her school.

It is an honour to recommend Brianna for this prestigious award.  She definitely deserves it. Congratulations.

Miles Redgate

Miles has been involved in his school and community since entering Grade 7 at Lockeport Regional High school.

At school he has been in many activities including Student Parliament, soccer, basketball manager and official photographer of LRHS.  He is a member of the Social Activist Club, participated in the Terry Fox Run, Anti-Bullying Day and Movember Awareness Month.                 

In his community he volunteers extensively with the Osprey Arts Centre and participates in drama productions put on by Basement Theatre Productions. He has hosted community fundraisers for a recent two-week trip to China.

Congratulations Miles on being recognized for this award.  You deserve it.


Amie Riley

Amie is an academically strong student whose wide variety of interests has served her well in becoming a leader amongst her peers.

Amie has been involved with the NSSSA; attending several leadership conferences and acting as a skill builder and Co-Chair.

Amie has been an active member of the Roseway River 4-H Club for eight years and has dedicated her time and energy to many volunteer activities.

In addition to this she also volunteers with “Teens Lending Care”; spending time with the elderly and organizing various activities.    Amie is an ambassador for the Nova Scotia International Student Program, a youth leader with her church and volunteers with the Municipality of Shelburne.

Amie has also given significant time to various school committees including yearbook, Health Promoting Schools and GSA.

Amie is a wonderful example of a student whose kind-heartedness and determination have brought much pride to Shelburne Regional High School.

Congratulations Amie.

Ethan Nickerson

Ethan is a true team player and has been actively involved in various athletic pursuits both at Shelburne Regional High School and in the community.

Ethan has acted as a player, referee and co-captain with various teams.

In addition to his athletic pursuits he is very community minded; having dedicated hundreds of hours during the past five years to various activities in the municipality including youth skate groups, Kids in Motion, three year old screening programs and King Street Center events.

Ethan has also attended several leadership training sessions and has obtained recognition from the municipality for his volunteer efforts.

Ethan is a dedicated and ambitious young man who puts forth his best effort in all aspects of his life and we are very proud to be honouring Ethan with this award.

Congratulations Ethan.


Gabrielle Marie Barr

Gabrielle Barr is a Grade 11 honor student at St. Mary’s Bay Academy.

She has received many student of the month awards and was awarded the Tri-County Regional School Board Community Service Award in 2012.

Gabrielle works part time at Weymouth ValuFoods as a cashier.

She plays on SMBA's volleyball team and is also a member of yearbook committee, has been on student council for four years, helps with school dances and assemblies and attended We Day 2013 in Halifax.

Gabrielle was involved in Les Jeunes Clarions performing youth choir for two years.

Gabrielle is a member of the Weymouth Church of Christ where she is actively involved in many charitable endeavors in her community such as the church’s Stitch and Chatter group which raises money to assist families in need. She is also a member of the church’s youth group and assists with junior church, VBS, church cleaning, church teas, worship band.

Gabrielle regularly helps out at the church’s monthly café, has volunteered at the local food bank and has worked with groups that clean up garbage in her community.

Gabrielle helps with the Tea Days in Weymouth at the Weymouth Historical Society Building and with the Sissiboo Home Hardware IWK barbeques, raising money for the IWK.

Gabrielle is currently co-captain of a Relay for Life team with her sister, which they have managed for three years.

Waylon Matthew Robicheau

Waylon is an active and sociable student at St. Mary’s Bay Academy.

Though having a hectic schedule with sports and arts he maintains a standing of honours.

In school Waylon has been involved in starting the guitar club and the first school-wide book club. He has been a part of many fundraisers and activities for the school and plays music for most ceremonies held at St. Mary’s Bay Academy.

Waylon has participated in school basketball, softball and soccer throughout his years at Saint Mary’s Bay Academy.

Outside of school, Waylon’s time is devoted to music. He currently plays in two bands in which he plays around the Maritime provinces. Waylon has been nominated for the “2013 ECBMA Guitar Player of the Year” (in his first year eligible), and placed first in the 2013 Hank Snow talent competition.

He also uses his musical talents entertaining at benefit shows and fundraisers.

Waylon was a very active participant in hockey for nine years receiving two SEDMHA MVP awards, one of two Defence All-star awards during the Peewee A Provincials, and two Resolutions from the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.


Morgan Allen

Morgan Allen is a top-ranked student who has been recognized for academic excellence throughout school and continues to maintain marks in the high nineties.

Morgan is very involved in her school community and spends several hours each week with her role on Student Council, raising money for charities, contributing to and promoting positive school spirit and helping organize student events.

Without drawing much attention to herself or seeking praise, Morgan regularly takes on key leadership roles and a high degree of responsibility.

As a Grade 10 student, Morgan was co-treasurer of Student Council and organized the Car Rally almost singlehandedly.

This year, Morgan was one of the most committed students on the Winter Carnival Committee and dedicated much time and energy to making this week-long celebration a success.

Morgan was approached by administration to represent YCMHS at the Legion Leadership camp in June and has already been accepted.

Morgan is a very talented dancer who is involved with Mackenzie School of Dance.  Recently, she was one of only two students from the Maritimes selected to attend the SDTA North American Conference and James L McKenzie and Elspeth Strathern Scholarship event.

Morgan also regularly volunteers as a dance instructor.

As involved as she is at school and in the community, Morgan is a valued part-time employee at Quiznos.

Morgan has a warm personality and is respectful, kind and caring.

Morgan is an outstanding young adult who, without question, is an unsung hero and will continue to contribute to school and community.

Sam Turpin

Sam Turpin is a true “service above self” individual who is always willing to go above and beyond for school, community and individuals in need.

Co-president of the Memorial Club this year, Sam has been very involved and committed to this youth service group since seventh grade.  In addition to chairing meetings, speaking and participating at ceremonies and parades, Sam also regularly visits veterans at their homes and in the hospital. He frequently assists Veterans with household and property chores.

Sam has been recognized and received awards for his extensive commitment to veterans in our community.

Sam is also very involved with his church and volunteers planning ceremonies, recording sermons and making PowerPoint presentations.

Sam is also involved with Student Council and represents his grade and students on our School Advisory Council.  Another of Sam’s leadership roles at YCMHS involves delivering the morning announcements.

He is very mature, dependable, articulate and expressive.

Sam enjoys and excels at ICTF TaeKwon-Do and currently holds a blue belt. In October, Sam participated at the World Cup in Edmonton winning gold medals in sparring and patterns.

Sam has various part-time jobs which include piling wood, mowing lawns, landscaping and shoveling snow.

Sam is an excellent student who is in French immersion and also takes several International Baccalaureate courses. Always willing to help fellow students and interested in learning, Sam is a positive role model and highly respected by both peers and adults.

Sam Turpin is an amazing young man who will continue to give and “make a difference” at school and in the community.

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