The Four Bears

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Long-standing Annapolis Valley landmark

These four bears have become a landmark dating back 30 years in the Greenwood area.

By Glen Goodall

For The Spectator


Anybody that has lived or has just visited the Greenwood/Kingston area in the Annapolis Valley knows exactly where the “Four Bears” are.  This long-standing Valley landmark has been around for 30-plus years.  The bear family resides in the tiny hamlet of Meadowvale, just outside Greenwood on Highway 201 on the property of Ron and Kathy Trimper.

Let’s go back in time of over 30 years when Ron and Kathy came up with the idea to erect one large black bear on their front lawn.  They did this just on a whim and they referred to it as Momma Bear.  She was originally attached to their mailbox but as years progressed Momma Bear became a decorative attachment on the Trimper’s front lawn.

As time passed, Ron and Kathy saw to it that the bear family grew.  Ron then manufactured Poppa Bear and two little Baby Bears.  The baby bears represented their two sons.  Now the bear family was complete.

The long-standing landmarks would come into foul play several times over the years.  They have been stolen on many occasions only to be found and returned, relatively unscathed. In fact, Poppa Bear with his straw hat was taken and he didn’t resurface for two years. He was found in barn not too far away from home.  Poppa Bear and the straw hat were then returned safely to his family.


Stop For Photos

Many people who pass through the Valley make it a point to stop and get their pictures taken with the Four Bears as a memento.  Ron has also answered several requests to make bears for people in the local area and as far away as Ontario.

The bears are also used for direction or navigation in the local area to pinpoint a street or particular resident.  I quickly learned how important this landmark was when I first moved to the Valley back in 2005. While trying to find a particular location, the person I was looking for asked me if I knew where the four bears were. I said yes and he gave me directions with reference to the bears and the problem was resolved.

So, if you ever make a trip to the Annapolis Valley come by and visit the “Four Bears”.  Depending on the time of year, the bear family will be seasonally dressed for the occasion.  Ron and Kathy look forward to all the visitors so don’t forget your camera or cell phone as it is a great photo opportunity. 

Geographic location: Annapolis Valley, Kingston, Meadowvale Ontario

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