Windsor friendship club celebrates 75 years

Carole Morris-Underhill
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Published on December 16, 2013

Windsor Mayor Paul Beazley, left, and West Hants Warden Richard Dauphinee, right, present Windsor Gyro Club president Phillip Scott with a plaque commemorating their 75th anniversary. Not available for the presentation was Town of Hantsport Mayor Robbie Zwicker.

Published on December 16, 2013

Harold Bernard, past president of Gyro International and a Truro resident, presented Phillip Scott with a plaque celebrating the Windsor Gyro Club's 75th anniversary.

Published on December 16, 2013

Gerald C. Raymond, second from right, was presented with an Award of Merit for unselfish and exceptional service to the Windsor Gyro Club. Pictured with Raymond are, from left, are Keith AuCoin, Harold Bernard, and Phillip Scott.

Published on December 16, 2013

Keith AuCoin, the District 6 Gyro governor, was presented the Jack Williams Award for service and dedication to the local Gyro club by Phillip Scott, the president of the Windsor Gyro Club.

Published on December 16, 2013

Phillip Scott, the president of the Windsor Gyro Club, presented Gyro Raymond Harvey, left, with the Windsor Community Support Award.

Published on December 16, 2013

Past Gyro governors of District 6 (the Maritimes) posed for a group photo following the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Windsor Gyro Club. Pictured are, from left, back row: Ron Conrad (Kentville), Bill Haines (Kentville), Jim White (Windsor), and Harold Bernard (Truro); front row: Les Smith (Truro), Keith AuCoin (Windsor – and the current District 6 governor) and Neil Moore (Windsor.)

Published on December 16, 2013

Pictured here are the recent Windsor Gyro Club award winners and their wives. From left, back row: Raymond and Jeane Harvey, and Dolena and Keith AuCoin; front row: Gerry and Geneva Raymond.

The Windsor Gyro Club has reached a significant milestone, not only for the local organization, but for the entire Maritime district.

The local friendship club celebrated their 75th anniversary earlier this fall. Keith AuCoin, the District 6 governor and Windsor resident, said he felt the milestone was a significant one as interest in some groups has waned over the years.

“In this district, we've had 25 different clubs in the Maritimes over the years and this is only the fifth time that a club has celebrated a 75th anniversary,” AuCoin said.

The Gyro organization, which celebrated 100 years in 2012, came to the Maritimes in 1922, with Halifax becoming the first chartered group. By 1938, a young men's club in Windsor was looking to affiliate itself with a national or international organization. Thirty-seven members, led by president John “Jack” Williams, decided Gyro International best suited them and formed the Windsor Gyro Club.

The first meeting was held in the Knights of Pythias Hall, which was located in downtown Windsor on Gerrish Street, and saw 68 visiting Gyros from throughout the Maritimes attend the charter dinner. Since the group formed, about 400 local men have been members of the club.

What started out as a young men's club some 75 years ago in Windsor has become an organization dedicated to fostering friendship and fun among its members.

“It evolved to the point, now, where it's more of a retired person's club,” said AuCoin, who joined the organization in 1974.

In the 1990s, the club boasted its largest membership — a total of 76. They currently have about 40 members, seven of which are 50-year members.

The special celebration commemorating the club's history was held at King's-Edgehill School.

Although there was a community service component to the group in its early days, that was gradually phased out and the members gather simply for fellowship and fun. They meet twice a month from September to June and host about six social functions a year.

“Just like having a swim team or a hockey team or whatever, Gyro is something that's part of the social fabric of the community and people enjoy it,” said AuCoin.

Receiving awards at the banquet Nov. 15 were: Gerry Raymond, the recipient of an Award of Merit for unselfish and exceptional service to the Windsor Gyro Club, Raymond Harvey, the recipient of the Windsor Community Support Award, and Keith AuCoin, the District 6 governor who was presented with the Jack Williams Award. Current president Phillip Scott accepted two plaques commemorating the club's special anniversary, one from Gyro International, the other from the area's three municipal units.


Windsor Gyro Club presidents


1938-39 – Jack Williams

1940 - Jim Rippey

1941 - Lew Bearne

1942-43 - inactive

1944 - Jim Rippey

1945 - inactive

1946 - Clary Hunt

1947 - Ray Creed

1948 - Walter Falconer

1949 - Doug Etter

1950 - Clary Roach

1951 - Wally Barnes

1952 - Mike Smith

1953 - Grant Muir

1954 - Clary Church

1955 - Les Ling

1956 - Foster Bateman

1957 - Bob Bacon

1958 - Ellis Seary

1959 - Harry Hatchard

1960 - Walter Aylward

1961 - Alistair Stephens

1962 - Ned Lyons

1963 - Ken Smith

1964 - Rollie Meuse

1965 - Gerry Raymond

1966 - Dick Taylor

1967 - Foster Ainsworth

1968 - Duff Morrison

1969 - Garwin Smith

1970 - Conrad “Tip” Taylor

1971 - Gerry Nichols

1972 - Arnie Smith

1973 - Colin Purdy

1974 - Dick Pereira

1975 - Carroll Kinsman

1976 - Parker Regan

1977 - Ron Hancock

1978 - Garry Murley

1979 - Bill Spurr

1980 - Alan Stewart

1981 - John Lawrence

1982 - Eric Nott

1983 - John Swinamer

1984 - Mike Latus

1984 – Garth Vaughan

1985 - Ches Roberts

1986 - Andy Kirk

1987 - Bob Hopper

1988 - Lloyd Norman

1989 - George “Bud” Abell

1990 - Bill Benedict

1991 - Keith AuCoin

1992 - Francis “Abe” Croft

1993 - Ken Pemberton

1994 - Reid MacDuff

1995 - Neil Moore

1996 - Ed Macdonald

1997 - Barry Alexander

1998 - Greg Schofield

1999 - John Horne

2000 - Bob Colburne

2001 - Paul Delaney

2002-03 - Raymond Harvey

2004 - George Lynch

2005 - Andy Kirk

2006 - Keith AuCoin

2007 - Jim White

2008 - Don Rose

2009-10 - Ed Macdonald

2011 - Jim White

2012 - Tom Calkin

2013 - Phillip Scott




Organizations: Gyro Club, Gyro International, Windsor Gyro Club King's-Edgehill School

Geographic location: Windsor, Maritime, Gerrish Street King's-Edgehill School Nova Scotia Windsor Gyro Club

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